Stay Safe, Keep Browser Add-ins Up-To-Date

In the article, Java Is The Biggest Vulnerability for US Computers at CSOOnline.com, Maria Korolov shares how the threat isn’t necessarily due to the browser add-in application itself, but that users are not keeping add-ins like Java up-to-date.  Browser add-ins like Java, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader are necessary for many of the functions users […] Read More

A great resource for Apple ID information from @erikeckel at @TechRepublic.  Your Apple ID controls much more than your iTunes account. Get the answers concerning common questions about Apple IDs – TechRepublic […] Read More

Tips for Safe Holiday Online Shopping

Be safe from scams, fraud and malware by following these tips from @BusinessWire and Dell SecureWorks @dellsecureworks  for safe internet browsing or shopping on Cyber Monday or any day of the year. Tips for Safe Holiday Online Shopping from Dell SecureWorks | Business Wire […] Read More

Kim Komando gives a breakdown of the various scams out there: If you have money, valuables or even just good credit, you can bet that lots of crooks would love nothing more than to steal it right out of your hands. Thieves and scammers have been around since the beginning of time, but these days, […] Read More

Think twice before buying those shiny — yet extremely cheap — Ray Ban glasses advertised on Facebook. There’s a good chance they’re fake. At least, that’s the conclusion of a new study by two cybersecurity researchers who studied more than a thousand Facebook ads and found that almost a quarter of them are for counterfeit […] Read More

There are times when a malware infection needs extensive work to remove it. Then there are other times when the fix can be pretty easy and a user can save themselves the hassle and money of taking their computer to The Computer Monkey or another technician for removal. As of now an infection of the […] Read More

In the article “4 Questions to Ask Before You Give a New App Access to Your Data“, Rob Pegoraro reminds readers how easy it can be to turn over personal information about you or your friends if you are not careful.   The questions are not really tech-related, but logical questions when you consider these […] Read More

Parents Need to Know: App Watch

The following is a list of apps that parents might not want their kids using.  Information links are included so they can read about them and decided for themselves.  Click on the app name below to read more information about it.  Most of these links are from Thirdparent.com. Some of these apps are worse than […] Read More

Message to Windows XP users: Relax!

If you still run Windows XP, and according to this article from PC World 30 percent of you do, you might have received ominous messages about the impending death of Windows XP support on April 8th, 2014.  They may come in an email vendor or in a pop-up message from a product you are running on […] Read More

Slow Computer? It may be your desktop.

Slow performance certain ranks as one of the top computer user complaints of all time.  If your computer is slow here are some things to consider. Age of computer Malware/Virus infection Temporary Internet Files Too much Desktop Data Age of computer 1.  If you have an old computer that doesn’t have any other performance related […] Read More