Frustration and Heartbreak

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Perhaps the most difficult problem that I deal with at The Computer Monkey, hard drive failures. It isn’t the most difficult from a technical stand point. But, it is extremely sad and difficult to tell someone that their important files are gone. For my business users, the loss of important data can be very costly. For my home users, losing cherished family photos is heartbreaking. Hard drive crashes and other data loss events can happen at any time, even on a new computer. Our Terms of Service begin with this understanding for good reason.

There are so many options today: flash drives, external hard drives and online back-up services. Flash drives are good if you do not have very much to back-up or you want to keep something in a safe deposit box. External hard drives are getting less expensive all the time, but you still have to be diligent about doing it on a regular basis and recently changed files could get missed in periodic back ups. Even with software that will constantly back up your files to an external drive, you still want to consider keeping a fairly recent master back-up off-site in case of a disaster. Because of the convenience and off-site safety, cloud backup services are gaining in popularity. The Computer Monkey provides management and maintenance plans with complete backup options and is an authorized reseller for Carbonite cloud backup service. Regardless of what back-up type works best for you, just make sure you do it! Click here to purchase Carbonite Online Backup Service. Contact me if you would like to discuss other options.

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  • Don Powers March 30, 2017, 6:22 pm

    The Computer Monkey is right about the loss of data. I lost my hard drive and did
    not think the data could be recovered, but it was recovered. The Computer Monkey
    helped us set up with Carbonite. It has worked well ever since, and yes, I did lose
    my data again, but it was no problem to get it back. If you need help with your
    computers, ask The Computer Monkey. It was really frightening for an Attorney to
    lose his data, Thanks to The Computer Monkey, we stayed in business.
    Don Powers,
    Powers At Law,
    Edmond, Ok

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