An Ounce of Prevention

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One of the most common support issues I see at The Computer Monkey is malware.  Malware is just a term for the category of bad software that includes viruses, trojans, spyware, scamware, key loggers, adware.  Most home computers with an “infection” have a variety of the previously mentioned items, but fortunately most of the time they are not true computer viruses.  Viruses spread from computer to computer over a network and typically do a lot of damage which makes them a significant threat for businesses.

While viruses will damage your computer files, scamware and spyware can do damage to your wallet if you fall for the scams.   One of the most common scams being the “fake anti-virus” program which reports that the user is infected and needs to click and pay to fix it.  These scams can appear really legitimate even using Microsoft or other company logos.  This type of malware can take many forms but typically leave the user unable to use the computer and internet causing them to be desperate to find a solution.

After a malware experience, the user’s next question is “What can I do to keep this from happening?”  The folks at Bleeping Computer have an extensive article that gives simple tips to prevent malware infections on your computer.   If you need assistance because of a malware infection or consulting for the best product options for your home or business.  The Computer Monkey can help.  Click here to schedule an appointment.  Follow The Computer Monkey on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates to this blog.

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