Steps to remove the ICE Cyber Crime Center malware

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There are times when a malware infection needs extensive work to remove it. Then there are other times when the fix can be pretty easy and a user can save themselves the hassle and money of taking their computer to The Computer Monkey or another technician for removal. As of now an infection of the ICE Cyber Crime Center ransomware is one of those times. A very intimidating screen comes up trying to scare you into thinking you are suspected of some sort of cyber crime and need to pay a fine to “unlock” your computer and avoid prosecution — and it claims you only have 48 hours to do it before the prosecution begins.  Here is a detailed article from demostrating 3 different ways to remove this infection.  It is from a June 2013 post, but a friend of mine had a computer with it yesterday, so it is obviously still out there.

The ICE Cyber Crime Center removal guide from

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