To Properly Uninstall iTunes I Need To Uninstall How Many Programs?

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Yesterday, a Texas friend of mine, told me a few “You Know Your From Texas” jokes she had seen on Facebook:

“If you’ve had a long telephone conversation with someone who just dialed the wrong number, you may live in Texas.”

“If someone in a Lowe’s store offers you assistance but they don’t work there, you may live in Texas.”

Those are cute, but something similar and not as funny came to mind when I saw Apple’s instructions about how to properly uninstall iTunes on this Apple support page.

If you have to uninstall 6 programs to fully uninstall iTunes, Apple may have a problem!

Six, wow! Not only that, but it must be done in a particular order to avoid “unintended effects”. Keep in mind, some of these take several minutes to uninstall. This process is not quick. There are many more “complex” programs that would require less from their customers. If you are lucky then simply uninstalling iTunes will take care of your issue but if it doesn’t, hopefully jumping through Apple’s hoops will.


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