The Computer Monkey is an authorized reseller of Malwarebytes Premium. Malwarebytes Premium is an outstanding product for preventing and removing malware infections. Go to the bottom of this page for purchasing information. If you have completed your purchase of malwarebytes, the following instructions show how to change or activate your product using your new license [...]

A recent version of CCleaner, a favorite software to tidy up computers from those pesky temporary files, was infected with a backdoor hack that collected and transmitted information about the computer. It is disturbing that CCleaner allowed such a breach but they have apologized and assured users that precautions have been taken to prevent such [...]

Ransomware Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon

The importance of keeping your data safely backed up cannot be stressed enough. We address this issue directly in this post “Frustration And Heartbreak”. But, even the most diligent user who meticulously keeps their data backed up on an external usb device would probably still lose it in a ransomware attack because of the way [...]

Stay Safe, Keep Browser Add-ins Up-To-Date

In the article, Java Is The Biggest Vulnerability for US Computers at, Maria Korolov shares how the threat isn’t necessarily due to the browser add-in application itself, but that users are not keeping add-ins like Java up-to-date.  Browser add-ins like Java, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader are necessary for many of the functions users [...]

Kim Komando gives a breakdown of the various scams out there: If you have money, valuables or even just good credit, you can bet that lots of crooks would love nothing more than to steal it right out of your hands. Thieves and scammers have been around since the beginning of time, but these days, [...]

There are times when a malware infection needs extensive work to remove it. Then there are other times when the fix can be pretty easy and a user can save themselves the hassle and money of taking their computer to The Computer Monkey or another technician for removal. As of now an infection of the [...]

An Ounce of Prevention

One of the most common support issues I see at The Computer Monkey is malware.  Malware is just a term for the category of bad software that includes viruses, trojans, spyware, scamware, key loggers, adware.  Most home computers with an “infection” have a variety of the previously mentioned items, but fortunately most of the time [...]