The Computer Monkey fees and services are based on the following system and user requirements* :

  • Windows XP or Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Operating Systems
  • Min. processor speed – 450 MHz
  • 512 Megabytes of RAM or higher
  • CD-ROM drive or flash drive
  • Adequate hard drive space
  • Licensed computer software
  • User knows all applicable passwords
  • Internet access, if applicable
  • Available installation disks/manuals for computer peripherals (hardware)

*Support is available to customers that do not meet all of the above requirements, but the fees may vary and service may take longer.  Examples:  1) a missing disk might mean that an important file must be searched for and downloaded from a website or even mailed from the manufacturer  2) calling internet provider support to retrieve an account password

Terms of Service

The Computer Monkey, LLC strongly recommends keeping a current backup of important files. A hard drive crash or other data loss event can occur at any time without warning or reason. While we maintain the highest support standards, The Computer Monkey, LLC is not responsible for loss of computer data during service.  By accepting support services from us you are agreeing to these terms and stating that you understand that data loss is always a possibility during computer service and support.