Terms Of Service

The Computer Monkey, LLC strongly recommends keeping a current backup of important files. A hard drive crash or other data loss event can occur at any time without warning or reason. While we maintain the highest support standards, The Computer Monkey, LLC is not responsible for loss of computer data during service. By accepting support services from us you are agreeing to these terms and stating that you understand that data loss is always a possibility during computer service and support.

We respect the fact that our time is your money when we are working on your computers.  Lost passwords, disks and license codes can dramatically affect the amount of time we spend and consequently, your bill.  We recommend that you try to locate these items before proceeding with computer support whether it is on-site locally or via remote connection.

The Computer Monkey offers safe and secure remote support. Be aware that there are many illegitimate organizations who pretend to offer support but are really just trying to gain access to your computer. We have written about some on our blog. Before establishing a remote session, please be confident you are communicating with a representative from The Computer Monkey.  If you did not contact The Computer Monkey for assistance DO NOT proceed with a remote session.  The Computer Monkey does not call or contact anyone to establish remote support unless they have sent us a request first.

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